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Name # of Testimonials Money Made / Attracted Fun Testimonials

Amber O
6   1.00 Makes 26.00
Garbage Can Smashers Turn Into Garbage Lovers
20.00 tip turns into 4700.00
20.00 Saves 2400.00 on 1st Class Plane tickets
100.00 Makes 5000.00
Mini WorkShop Saves 1.3 Million Dollars & Grows The Account

Donald W
4   3.00 Discount at CVS w/LOTTO ticket
How I Saved 50.00 w/One Paper Rose
Lotto Ticket Saves me 5.00 At Grocery Store
The Promise of Getting A Paper Rose Saves Me 1/2 an Hour Waiting in Line

Nick H
4   Idea from "What Billionaires Know..." Makes 8000.00
Ditch WeedWacker Gets 50.00 Surprise
I Gave $$$ to Church & got Back 250.00
25.00 Makes 100.00

3   LOTTO Ticket Saves $20.00
Waiter Almost Cries
How Honey Sold 4 RV's w/Lotto Tickets

Shannon R
3   My Neighbor Gave Me a PoundCake!
10.00 Tip Makes 175.00
Bank Bribed w/Lotto Ticket

Kevin A
3   Gives His Boss 450.00 Gets 7000+ Back
1.00 Dollar Bill to my Mechanic Saves 7.00
Domino Effect Giving Makes 8000.00 Extra

Matt V
3   HOT Hands RED Face Testimonial
Awesome Results - I Gave My Car Away! INSANE - The DMV Called to Give me 200.00 Back!

Chris F
3   UK Grocery Store Cashier -
Give-To Get ENERGY BOOST Testimonial -
Lotto Ticket + Compliments = MUCH MORE Food Than Usual

2   $5 Attracts $500
F-r-e-e Violin Solo Makes $400 and a Car.

2   P*AY IT FORWARD Testimonial -
1 Hr Of Grass Mowing Makes 250.00

2   Free Empanadas

2   Wet Kisser Testimonial
Chocolate Kiss Testimonial

Dan S
2   College Student Gives Away 7.00 Gets Back 100.00
3 Pay it Forward Gifts Attract Genius Idea

Maceo J
2   20.00 Turns into 800.00 of Free Training
Napkin Thank You Notes Create EXPLOSIVE Laughter & BIG Drinks

Dr. Zapp
2   $3017 Coaching Job Plus a 5K Bonus
6 Ft Tall Patient Fear Thermometer

Rod N
2   Food "bribe" yields a week's pay...
How I got a 216% Return on my Gift

Joshua H
2   Rude to Chatty 4 Bucks in
Free BEER w/$1.00 Tipping

1   First Off The Boat!

The Chief
1   How the Chief Jumped The 2 hr Line -

Jim A
1   JIM A'S Happy Cashier -

1   SARA'S LOTTO Ticket Testimonial -

1   Percy Impressed His Wife -

1   Waitress Serves Tony the Wrong Meal!

1   Dan Gets Free Beer

1   Derrick Tips The Chef

Daisy Wabbit
1   Daisy Uses Lotto Tickets To Save 5.00 on Lunch

1   4.00 Tip Makes Sam 150.00

Dr. McDoom
1   7000.00 TIP STORY from Dr. McDoom

1   My Pet Turtle STINKS Lotto Ticket Story

Paul C.
1   Paul Takes 3 Girls into a Bar

Dick T
1   Extra Everything On TakeOut Meal

Alvin B
1   Alvin B. Makes 25K In 24 Hours

1   Free Soup & Pie And a 2.00 Discount

1   Coffee, Pie & 2 Phone #'s

1   Itchy Lotto Ticket Testimonial

Susan W
1   Shelf Stocker Helps me Find The Gelatin

Sammy G
1   Security Guard Carries My Luggage

Ted R
1   The BellBoy Runs to Get My Mail & Packages Before I Ask

Ryan M
1   5 Lotto Tickets Given Away

1   Four Quarters to Neighbor Results In Dinner

1   1.00 Equals Free Lunch

Mark A
1   "Sounds Like" Words Get Banker A Date

Harold B
1   Chocolate Tipping = Date Request & Free Stuff

1   More Food, Free Dessert, 20% off

1   Kickass Meal Experience

Bryan M
1   Instant Scratch Off LOTTO Ticket Story

Paul S
1   She Loved Horses. I listened. I got 28 feet of Rope for 2.24

C Hag
1   LISTENING got Me 4 Pounds of Extra Liver - FREE

Ryan A
1   Best Service I Ever Got

Todd W
1   250.00 Makes 422,000.00 in 60 days

Harold G
1   Harold Moves to 1st Class - for FREE

Johnny B
1   15.00 Makes 20,000+

Chavis B
1   Every Time I Handed Amy a 1.00 She'd GIGGLE

Phil D
1   50.00 Creates Three Advertising Sales

Mark M
1   I Used The Obama Head Tilt to Turn a NO into a S ale!

Jeff W
1   How I Turned Down 20.00 & Made 254.00 The Next Day!

Ted S
1   How I Use Roses to OutSell Other Insurance Agents

Willie H
1   How a 2.00 Magic Wand Landed a 60,000.00 Promotion

Todd A
1   FREE Alcohol Triples Bar Sales -

Jim B
1   500.00 Makes 15,000.00 - 4 Times in a Row

Roger F
1   Worked Free For a Year But Made 100,000.00

Al F
1   3X More Fruit Juice Sales w/Free 1/2 Cup Samples

Randy C
1   How I Got a Free Lunch and a Date

Timothy G
1   10.00 Makes 87.00 on an AIRPLANE!

Bob Q
1   2.00 Sent By PayPal Makes 250.00

Joseph B
1   15,000 Theft Lands RICH Investor

John D
1   $50.00 Makes $4550.00 

1   Wendy's Restaurant Tipping -

Marc P
1   HOW 1.00 LOTTO Tickets DOUBLED A Taxi Cab Drivers Income

X   STOP The Waitress from Spitting in Food-Glenn
The Chef Shook my Hand!

Red Nose Rabbit Reward Rankings List - In the Rabbit Race!